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  1. I'm genuinely shocked and my log in still worked
  2. I'm around, just rarely sign in, or post.
  3. Lemme know if anyone has any extra to get rid of this week!
  4. I'm looking for 2 tickets to the game Sunday if anyone has any leads, or extra tickets.
  5. 20 hours is damn good outside of an RPG, the Uncharted (both) were both more 15 hours, maybe less, but no complaints, I started playing both again right away.
  6. Fallout did turn out to be just what I thought, exactly Oblivion only a different world setting. Kev, I think a huge problem with FallOut 3 is people were not aware of what they were getting, I think most figured 1st person Shooter in Nuclear Holocaust setting, when in fact you are in essence getting a Dungeon & Dragons/100+ hour game, only not set in Mid-evil times.
  7. There's a video that she sent her (ex)boyfriend of her playing with herself, thus the reason her crown was taken, Vivid bought the video, but cant do anything with it without her OK, they've offered her money to sign off it, but she has thus far refused
  8. From what I was told the game play was like Oblivion only after a nuclear holocausts.
  9. I think so too, my fav part about Oblivion is I can stop playing it play something else then pick it right back up and never feel like i lost anything. Anytime I get bored or stuck in a game I pop Oblivion in.
  10. I think my feelings may stem from the same as yours, except Turtles in Time for SNES was amazing esp with 2 players!
  11. After finding out it was made by Bethesda, which made Oblivion, and I believe is the same team as Dark Isle (or is it Black) that made Baldurs Gate 2, my fav comp game of all time I will be buying it tomorrow!
  12. For some reason I've really wanted to stay away from that game, and still sort of don't want it, but honestly i dont have any good reason for the feelings. I've been told by sooo many people how awesome it is though, I'll prob wait til the price drops, as March rolls around ive got 3 games I'll be buying that will hopefully carry my into spring.
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