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  1. You all got this in the bag
  2. the W is in the bag for you guys
  3. CRAVNRAVN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why didn't Brody try this in JAWS? That lightsaber is gonna feel THE SHRINKAGE
  4. WAAAH Its trickle down. SAD... We're going back to the MOON and MARS!!!!!!! come on people....
  5. Can't find a single RepubliKKKan in the Baltimore area. So i've heard i'm hearing things other's told me read on the internets We all know it's a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge problem Sooo sad. Chicago is the same SAAAAAAAAAAD the other administration never did anything about anything for anyone
  6. Poor Tom Petty got a lot of flac for his sons too
  7. oldcrow


    stupid is as stupid does
  8. Not a good argument honey trust me it's counter intelligence we all need to know more about douchebags
  9. Papa You can't go back to last century to prove a point. Tell me how Florida has turned the page in the last 17 years we know it is a lot different leaps and bounds different
  10. now youre just talking a bunch a bedsheet El Duce Sickie Wifebeater Dr Heathen Scum Cousin Fister another hooded group he loved
  11. PAPASMURF Cravn wouldn't hangout with People like Trayvon. LOL he's said as much.
  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy i get my $18 more a week starting ??????? only god knows when now i can go to CHIK FIL A ON A FUCKING SUNDAY????? Thats how you get paid more by working on a day they weren't but now are OPEN!!! I will enjoy the 18$ on my 1$ bet the STEELERS win the super bowl!!!! Thanks OBAMA GFY TRUMP SUPPORTERS
  13. NOTHING NEW The racist side of him was disclosed when he got the team 20yrs ago. He did let the people he discriminated against come up with the team name tho all is good NOT
  14. I'm sure Dee concurs. NOT
  15. oldcrow


    Damn Crav IDK So sorry about your daughter. My heart goes out to you. How old is the grandbrat? I just hope you can keep up up with him. On the bright side he could do the lawn work or pool cleaning or fetch beer. Seriously tho much love to you and yours
  16. leaving the ACC was a fucking mistake
  17. someone PUHLEASE TELL ME CRAVN DIDN'T GET SUCKED UP IN A SINKHOLE LIke the ravens offense and the ravens cap hit with the Joe contract. down in a hole........... feelin so small luv ya YE OL FOGEY
  18. oldcrow


    HMMM where's my bud come out and play cravn Dont tell me Dee or VMAX put you in time out Papasmurf finally get the best of you?? buck up pansyass
  19. Yeah i know He has a huge brain smart man great negotiator he almost negotiated the storm to go to Mexico and start the wall by piling up a ton a ton a ton sand on the border making a beautiful wall the most beautifulless wall youd ever seen. The bestest ever. Win win win bip bop bing bing bing. You ever watch Desus & Mero on Vice channel? Pretty funny. They showed the Joel Osteen tv reporter at his church when they were taking in evacuees. They tore him up. his donation is such a small % of what he could donate IF HE WAS A TRUE BILLIONAIRE just like Jerry Jones and his 1mil donation PUHLEASE. oh and BTW mr president i believe your cuts to FEMA surpass your donation soooo
  20. i already stated AFCN all teams go 13-3 its the best division ever
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