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  1. can't believe Penske dropped Dodge????? my money is on MWR next year
  2. 31? you sure about that? what am i missing cravn? your team goes to the super bowl but doesn't win? you told me before you would rather them not go than to go and lose. just looking for clarification on your post. ;-) Can't remember his year but Ebron for THE TARHEELS seems a pretty niceTE.
  3. crav i received my black friday email coupon for Barharbour seafood in orlando live maine lobster 4.99 a lb today only ;-) what's funny is the email read: they are great for football gatherings,decorating the house for christmas,or having a romantic evening at home live lobster help decorate the house or are the decorations ??????!!!!!! live lobsters for the romantic evenings; if your in a pinch, like to be pinched, kind of kinky huh????!!! any way if you haven't checked it out yet they have all kinds of fresh seafood there rock shrimp too
  4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Max i heard Gallbladder makes a great gravy and Cravn, please wait an hour after eating before you jump into new smyrna beach and wear the purple flamingo floatation devices ;-) ENJOY!!!
  5. dumping gatorade on the coach's head after game one of the season as silly as doing a td celebration while losing by 3 scores and to continue doing it all season long even more silly. like a baseball team storming the pitcher mound in april may june
  6. 50 million dollar exit fee from the ACC is huge hope nothing changes, that would suck
  7. what did that do for ya in the end? nada LOL LOL all that wasted gatorade by the ravens throughout the year last year LOL LOL
  8. we're bringing Gilbert in because WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE????
  9. what's even funnier? bengalbilly and fantasy nascar !!!!! ;-P
  10. since they removed your gal bladder you don't go as often or now get to stand? ;-) know it's late.. glad to hear all went well take it easy come sunday night
  12. why didn't Ed Reed pay for swimming lessons for his brother?
  14. did you all see how Ron Paul treated Bruno? how do you treat a visitor to our country like that? the repeblicans relied on their old standby of white male voters and seperated themselves further from women voters.
  15. great points so true leave it up to pharm companies need the guy from the( wendys commercials ?) to read the list the plant itself offers so much more in so many ways food, fuel,clothing,pulp. manufacturing should be a bigger topic too thanks again DuPont
  16. i agree although Col n Wash still have a huge battle but it's nice to see it happen one foot in the door medical marijuana should be a NO BRAINER how could a person deny another a substance that helps a personal issue very impressed also that the U.S. Senate has the most women ever possibly 21
  17. seriously you're gonna say i'm wrong?? 12-21-12 in your mind, is not next month? okay. the only end i see is liljoey being
  18. besides who gives a rats ass what happens 12-21-12 is next month. Am i wrong?
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