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  1. hell even if it is just for the first half or maybe quarter,it show a solidarity i'd prefer 1st half hey hey hey less injuries or chances i just remember when nascar stopped the bump drafting or were penalizing for it it seemed the next race at a superspeedway where that is critical to go fast the drivers got in singlefile and drove for lap after lap it made an impact
  2. i read a scroll that the greenbay players were wanting to strike this weeks game, another scroll right after that,someone said the players can't do shit what i say is all teams go out there in agreement and allow the ball to get returned to the 50 and start taking a knee on every offensive play 4th down included then the other team gets the ball they take knee for every down. they are actually running a legitimate play and the play clock never stops no real calls to be made THE PLAYERS ACTUALLY CAN DO SOMETHING!!!!!!
  3. i think he simply forgot who was offense and defense in the end split second it was greenbay trying to score i've seen them face the wrong direction point the wrong direction place the ball at the wrong los
  4. well remove your socks and sandals first
  5. i'd only worry about it if the players start to wear Zubaz
  6. that's funny he worked with FRANK GIFFORD for years would have thought bullshit or bullshitting came up quite often
  7. wahh wahh wahh charlie brown you two need to get a room we can call it BITCHFEST order some food we call it BITCHFEAST SOME TIMES YOU GET THE CALLS SOME TIMES YOU DON'T IT'S the american way outsource your work we all know where that EXTRA REF is wired in to
  8. yes and have a new broadcast style like in car camera helmet cams watch the game listen to the game how you would like sideline camera and mikes might cost and extra 5 bucks a month ;-) i want my INSIDE THE HUDDLE ON GAMEDAY DAMMIT
  9. i agree hurt i was glad to see the league send out a meo because the week before nobody showed respect for officiating especially the coaching staff in basketball and baseball "T" em up or eject the manager could you imagine that whining bitch harbs arguing balls and strikes????? get the fuckout of here the refs should throw some tissues in the air and eject the motherfuckers
  10. none of it should ever be bleeped or censored can't wait to be able to watch an nfl game broadcasted with the sounds of the game instead these sillyass announcers
  11. holy shit you guys yes the raven fans bitched and cried like little babies last week and this week it's the steelers fans in reality isn't this the nfl we all cried about the past few years of wanting just a good old hit to knock the fucking ball loose just a whole hell of alot of wr and cb going at it for space and the ball bumping the wr more FIGHTS!!! I FOR ONE AM ENJOYING FOOTBALL GAMES ALOT MORE NOW
  12. steelers sucked in the 2nd half i heard jerry jones said the losing teams complained about the refs I HATE AGREEING WITH JERRY JONES SO AFCN BULLIES QUIT BITCHIN. please
  13. wait til the STEELERS go to MUSIC CITY he'll rush for 500 yards
  14. flacco forever?? do you have this written all over your trapper keeper a picture of him in your school locker you doodle it on everything??
  15. WOW quit crying like a raven fan you you steeler fan you
  16. keep your head up (see what you tackle ) and drive don't dive that's what i always heard
  17. N O V wash or jags v minny here if the ravens went to and won the super bowl the game would have been last wednesday night thats a long stretch
  18. they pack their team up in mayflower vans and move them in the middle of the night?
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