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  1. i know why we do have some douchie fans
  2. you guys have a *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy *** in Gilette pats are hurt and you have their number anyway the football gods were very kind to the ravens this year so far
  3. The thespian has a twin god help us all McGrubber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidding went oldskool towards you for your bday gift we know you miss him happy belated bday
  4. can't say i want you guys to win of course the cowboys and ravens are teams i can't want to win unfortunately i have more worries about my team actually keeping a winless team just that SIT ON IT YE OL FOGEY
  5. good game should have been worse if you made those ints congrats see you all christmas day bite me ye ol' fogey
  6. enjoy the game vmax suck it cravn ye ol' fogey and go mow the lawn
  7. yeah cravn that shit has got to stop lol i still believe it's the best rivalry in the nfl and i know today will prove it once again no injuries no cheap shots beaches lol
  8. man the ravens are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gonna get their asses kicked this sunday 45-0 heard it here first beaches hey ol fogey!!!!!!! KISS MY GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i know i should not have said anything they'll probably lay an egg against the Jets now glad you and yours faired well in the storm
  10. YOUR PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!!!!!!! suckit cravn
  11. LOL Spen good one Her driving sucks too. i'm not Asian so mine is a little better
  12. walk in the park for you guys this week
  13. i had seen it for a while figured my bookmark was outdated haven't noticed it this week
  14. as a Carolina girl i am highly disappointed in my state the governor is a huge dick Pat McCrory I am very happy these entities are making a stand NBA gone lots of planned businesses yanked their move to Charlotte it's funny i see it as certain people made the argument that corporations are humans and it seems some corps are acting humanly backfire on the corporate rights bitches love rules and this Prick running for President and the current Gov are just ugly from inside out people. go fuck yourself McCrory
  15. should have seen the smoke signals after he blew the candles out
  16. can you even see the tv old man???? i know you can't remember where you left the clickey thingey
  17. thats truly funny vmax baltimore is just like Caracas yes?
  18. hard to tell the AFCN is the toughest fucking division in the nfl thats 6 games a year getting whooped on for all of teams it would be cool if we all split among each other and win out elsewhere 13-3 ACROSS THE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WOULD THE NFL DO THEN!!!!!!!!
  19. call it what you want vmax still isn't older than CRAVNRAVN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  20. best you just mow the lawn and clean the pool old man stay home ye ol fogey happy belated BIRTHDAY punk
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