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    my interests are the titans and the ravens, the texas long horns in college, then the san antonio spurs in the NBA. i love to go out to the movies, i am a huge movie buff! my favorate movie is gladiator with russell crowe! i love going skating, to theme parks, i will get on alot of the rides, i love doing anything fun and out doors! i just can't stay at home! i am very active in my church! i sing in the church choir! i llove hanging out with friends and family! i just enjoy life and i try to live it to the fulliest! i love to clown and be silly!! you only live once!!!
  1. thanks alot! i come on here from time to time just to read the threads, but since its getting closer to training camp, gotta start getting the fever in here!!! but i hope you got to see ray's full speech! to say he is amazing is an understatement!!!
  2. hello everyone, its been a while since i have been here , just taken a break from some football websites for a while, at least til it gets closer to the season. i will say this, the ravens have made some awesome moves this offseason, and its gonna be one exciting season! i feel that! but anyway, i am sure alot of fans know about ray lewis having a street named after him called ray lewis way. on the ravens official website is the video to the whole speech in which he did during the ceremony!!http://www.baltimoreravens.com/ just click the video and watch it! i have heard many amazing speeches fr
  3. amen freakylick! thank you! and i get alot of flack from my fellow titans fans because not only do i love the ravens to, but ray! they tell me that i am not a true titans fan, listen, ray has taught me how to be objective, to take off the two toned blue shades and enjoy and embrace the game of football, because i loved the titans so much that i just only loved them, hated everyone else , and forgot how to love football . and i think the charity work that other athletes do is great, and would never demean what they are doing, but ray is going even farther and beyond what anyone else in the NFL
  4. sorry its been so long since my last post. i just got hit with so much stuff with work, the holidays, all that, its been crazy, but i am back, thank goodness. i saw the vid and downloaded it to my cell phone. ray just never seizes to amaze me, he is a great player, but VERY SPECIAL MAN! its one thing to get people to volunteer to hang with with kids, give em a speech, sign a few autographs, which thats great, but its a whole other ball game when you go once a week, or as often as he does, in the heart of the ghetto in baltimore, and get active, and teach people like ray is doing here, this amo
  5. as much as i love this team, i am gonna have to be objective! i am very pissed off at getting swept by the freaking bengals,, but whatever. the fact is, is if the ravens don't get their act together soon, they will be watching the playoffs from the sidelines, which is very dissapointing, because there is so much talent on this team.
  6. i think he should have kept it as johnson also.
  7. i am feelin victory yet again! those of you who are superstitious, remember to do them! its time for me to do mine, so we WE GONNA ROCK THIS JOINT RIGHT NOOOOOOOOW BABY!! yea baby, its time for the rematch bengals and ravens, gettin it on this ain't no sing along, so get to steppin ocho sinco be trippin , ray lewis is rippin rippin heads off, thats what i am sayin organized choas is gonna be raggin bengals fans frownin, no they not clownin cause the ravens comin to their house to steal a victory!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA, YEEEEEEEEEEEEA, COME ON, LETS GO!! LETS GO!! LETS TAKE THIS T
  8. http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/crime/blog/2009/11/cops_getting_fit_with_ray_lewi.html ray never ceases to amaze me!! i just love him!! i love all the guys on this team! he and t zizzles are my top two favorates! and speaking of t zizzles, and not to get totally off kilter, but i am on twitter, and he tweeted him a few times TWICE he has responed! awesome!!!!
  9. i did not know about this , beccause i was at church, but on NFL countdown this morning, i read a post on another ravens message board that said that steve mcnairs mother called ray lewis this morning and told him to win this game for steve! i read that and was touched! i loved steve mcnair, and even got to meet him in person in november of 2003 when i went to nashville to see the titans play the jags. mcnair had a permanont special place in my heart after that, because he could not have been any nicer!!!! his death has been very hard for me to take, and just hear this touched me! this will m
  10. i felt that we were gonna win, but i thought that it would be alot closer than it was! WHAT A GREAT WIN!!! great win! i am just so happy!!! but i am concerned to, i read that nagta is hurt?!!! how bad?!!!
  11. we are gonna go into the bengals house and take back the victory they stole from us in our house!! REVEEEEEEEENGE IS GONNA BE SWEET!!!
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