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  1. Great game by the Defense after the 1st 2 possessions. Also solid 2nd half by the offense. We needed that one.
  2. Joe is playing like shit. The WR's are playing like shit. Thank god the Offensive Line is good and our running game is solid. Juice is our best pass catcher.
  3. Awful. Could have easily stepped into it too.
  4. Disgusting display by the Defensive Line versus this garbage Offensive Line of the Titans. Even bringing some blitzes and still can't get home.
  5. Terrible start and what a break there. That call should be upheld as you can't see where he is on the replays.
  6. Lots of blitzing and Linebacker and Safety heavy alignments should be coming our way this week. Brown is actually active and can cover TE's and RB's. Elam is probably our 2nd best CB right now. Ugh.
  7. All up to the Offense indeed. I'm a realist but you guys who don't think that 9-7 is a lock are crazy. This team will without a doubt reach 9 and could still get 11. Our schedule (as Eisenberg notes) is not that tough.
  8. This was indeed a blow. This team will put up some good games, but the AFC North is too good to overcome this loss unless we make a trade. Please find someone who needs a LB'er for a CB. Upshaw and Brown are expendable (though talented) and since McPhee is as good as gone this offseason, I'd also be willing to move him.
  9. Heres hoping AJ Green is still out next week. I'm worried about what this Bengal's team will play like with him healthy again in a game that is quickly turning into a 'must-win' for their Playoff hopes.
  10. Agreed, I was a bit surprised at the number of carries they gave Forsett yesterday. Especially with that lead, I was expecting them to mix it up a bit more. KO and Monroe being back will be huge, but aside from the Penalties on Hurst, he and Urschel have filled in admirably. No need to rush anyone back at this stage, I'm happy these young guys got some PT and showed us we have some depth that we thought was sorely lacking.
  11. Dude. Joe mostly had a solid day, but the 2 picks were horrendous and the last TD was a stat-padder. Give me a fucking break. The Defensive Line gets the game ball.
  12. Updates today: -Will Hill promoted to 53 Man Roster, likely to get some snaps tomorrow. -Christo Bilukidi to IR to make room. Ankle Injury last week was apparently serious. -Terrence Cody not yet activated. We have 2 more weeks to decide on him before they'd have to try and P-Squad him or cut him. The news on him has all been great until now, we really just need some depth down there on obvious running downs, and we know he can provide that. We have tons of pass-rushing talent. Comments on the rest: -Camp and Aiken looked good, but you can't just throw away all the positives that Jacoby a
  13. Not actually a bad move by the Jets. They had tons of cap space (the bad move was not spending the money this summer), and actually reports are now that it is only a 4th-6th rounder. In addition, they could cut him after this year with no cap repercussions. Pretty low-risk.
  14. Lot's of people are high on Carolina, regardless of the blowout loss last week. This is not a trap game, the team will come prepared. I do think Carolina can win if they can get to Flacco though.
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