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  1. ALL PRO TOO with Ngata and Leach! http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7432542/calvin-johnson-detroit-lions-jared-allen-minnesota-vikings-lead-all-pro-selections
  2. BMoreHon

    Big Win

    Think about it...would you want to be Oakland right about now!!!!???!!! The protection was horrible and still Joe got some good dumps off for yardage. I think of all facets of the ball, the 12th man was the best. We really kicked arse and took names today!
  3. hold on hold on...Texans signed Mason...all bets off
  4. but....I also feel like we are a lot more disciplined! Something that was lacking with Rex...
  5. you guys are scaring me....convincing me but terrifying me!
  6. Based on some of the huge contracts on players who are now indefinitely (Manning) or definitely (Beason) out this year, I wouldn't mind holding off. Seems to be a JINX!!!!!
  7. some quotes: “A terrible loss,” said linebacker James Harrison, who was stonewalled by tackle Bryant McKinnie. “To get beat like a dog … ” “We couldn’t stop anything,” linebacker James Farrior said. “We had no answers,” said safety Ryan Clark “The way they beat us is embarrassing,” nose tackle Casey Hampton admitted. “Since I’ve been here, nobody has beaten us like that on both sides of the ball for the entire game.” “It’s incredibly humbling,” Troy Polamalu explained. “Which, obviously, we needed at this point.” “We got our tails whipped,” wide receiver Hines Ward said.
  8. Yager, the line was phenomenal. I don't know if it was because we had low expectations and were pleasantly surprised, but put this way; they said it would take 4-6 weeks to gel. I hate to see this line in 6 weeks if that's the case Rice was running to the left all day. Never saw us run all over the Steelers like that. Flacco got sacked ONCE. McKinnie looked great and ate up Harrison. Oher will be a Pro Bowl RT now. No false start penalities from him. I think we may of had 2 holding penalties. Birk started and was solid. Surprisingly Gurode didn't play. What a wonderful back pocket option. That's my 2 sense
  9. Xray was negative on ankle so that's good. I was at the game so didn't notice but radio said Carey Williams got knicked too? What's up with that?
  10. I have heard numerous times that Bulger will come back as a starter if Flacco went down. I would love Gerrard, but I think the Ravens want to save a roster spot and have Bulger as back pocket. Just need Tyrod to cover that game....and based on any Qb's first outing in which no one game plans, he would be fine playing. We'd be OK from the O-crap factor that game...then bring Bulger in.
  11. lol @ Steel. Seems like bad stuff always goes down in Atlanta. Interesting observation. You can't help but think the double murder allegation is the reason. Bad memories or maybe even harrassment from the family and friends could be reasons. Or maybe it's just a coincidence and he is tending to his aunt again.
  12. I would say PS L'Quan but he has scary return potential. So I think that leads to 6 Wrs. Smith was drafted too high for cutting or PSing.
  13. With L'Quan William's burst of speed in the return game, we don't need Parmalee.
  14. Remember....we drafted Oher in 1st round to be a RT....we draft Reid where????
  15. they're calling it "pipeline" now?
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