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  1. The pistol whipping has begun
  2. Lamar needs to be traded , he can’t throw , he keeps getting covid , all he does is get the ravens to the playoffs, And then flames out, trade him now while you can get something for him. The afc is too stacked for a qb like him to ever get a team to the Super Bowl.
  3. I’m still hoping we sign Justin Houston , he would be a great mentor/ teacher for Oweh.
  4. Where is duvernay boykin and proche? These are the guys that Lamar should be trying to build chemistry with, he already has it with brown and Andrews.
  5. Dez would be a great pick up, we need more physical wideouts that are willing blockers and he fits the bill. Great 50/50 ball catcher.
  6. Just looked at Duvernay highlights, my god how did he last this long, great pick!
  7. So sharing three negative qualities makes you the same player? Ok Lamar and rg3 are the same player, neither can read defenses, they both stare down there receivers, and they both take off and run too soon without letting the play develop, Lamar and rg3 are the same
  8. If we go wr in the second , I would prefer shenault over Higgins, shenault is a much better blocker, more physical, better rac, I think he fits our offense. Curtis Weaver if we go edge. Weaver has a tool box of moves and I think he will fill out physically as a pro.
  9. I think we are going to try and get him. With the Brockers signing not going through, this is reminding me of what happened with Crabtree a few years back. We “signed” a wr, his name escapes me right now, but Crabtree was cut soon thereafter , so we failed this guys physical and used the money he was suppose to get to help us sign Crabtree. Brockers money is going to help us get Clowney.
  10. We offered jimmy seven mil before free agency, he bet on himself and lost a mil.
  11. I think Hurst will be as productive , if not more, in the atl as Hooper, Lamar didn’t look his way as much as he should have when he was here. I will be targeting Hurst in my fantasy draft. Very happy we got a 2nd for him though, middle of the round, should get a starter with the pick.
  12. Well we got that fifth rounder back with the hurst trade
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