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Competition for backup RB as Forsett speaks to rooks


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Man, we lose Ray Rice and then backup Pierce but get Forsett and his 1100 yards and draft

Tally who had a good rookie year til injured.


Now they get Buck Allen who can not only run but catch. Some think he was drafted solely

for his ability to catch as Trestman's big back had more yardage last year than all the Ravens

WRs except SR.


I can't wait to see Buck who had great rookie and mini camps.


Forsett spoke to all rookies on longevity.




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I had us penciled for the SB this time last year til JImmy went down. I said there goes the SB. The

secondary was set with Jimmy and Webb but both went down. It's a miracle we got into the POs

with them out picking up Melvin along the way. They won with him plus an undrafted LT for the first

time ever in a wild card game but lost in NE where it took a trick play, some bending of the rules on

some strange formations and deflated footballs. Melvin wasn't even playing a month before the POs.


Now Webbie and Jimmy are back and they still have Melvin who is growing plus AsA, Will Hill and they

added Kendrick Lewis who could force Elam out of the job.


The secondary is deep.


And we would have won the SB last year the way Seatle played.


ONly injuries and some poor coaching motivation vs easy teams will keep us out this year.

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