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What the Clowns are saying about Ravens


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Pettine was a coach here for several years and had head coach written all over him. His

father was a coach and taught him everything. He was about 2d on the depth chart behind

Pees for D-Coord for when Mattison was here. He moved on to bigger and better things

and is improving the Clowns who beat us in OT earlier with about 80% of the Ravens



He has some nice things to say about Schaub but not so nice about Terrance West but

Pettitne is one mean looking mutha - just like a football player or um coach should be like,

not like the ever smiling little Johnny boy-lol.


That said, I guess Pettine missed all those picks Schaub threw in pre-season and before he

got here like last year but he's a good coach and not falling into a false security trap.



He said Ravens are lucky to have Schaub because they don't have to dumb down the

offense like Squeelers did Vick when Big Jen went down. Schaub ran

a pro offense for years at a high level so they don't expect a big drop off in quality and

are preparing like they would for Flacco not a has been QB.


He let WEst go because of maturity and work ethic issues. His skill set is there but other

important stuff needed are not. He can be a good back if he matures and improves

his work ethics.


Sounds like another Gaither to me. Remember him? LOL



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The maturity and work ethic issues aside - and make no mistake, those are damn big issues - maybe West just needs a change of scenery.


He isn't the first guy and won't be the last where a new team and system did him some good.


Let's see where this thing goes. Worst case, he blows his chance and gets cut. We still have Forsett, Allen, Taliefero for next year.

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