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Mel Kiper says don't trade out of 1st


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The last time Ravens traded out of top 8 was to get Flacco because he wasn't a good value there

and they saved the owner millions by getting the guy they coveted in the lower first round #18 to

be exact and that was trading back up from #26 where they originally went down from.


Jamal Lewis was a top 6 pick and the Ravens won the SB the next year. JO was drafted very

high and was a corner stone to that SB team.


Nobody will be there as good as the impact players that will be there at #6.


There will be some coveted impact players at #6 so it doesn't make sense to move down but

Ozzie only does that when there's nobody on the board he likes in the 1st.


Mel says Ramsey won't be one and won't slip past the Jags and McShay says the same. If

they take Bosa, then Ramsey slips to us and you jump on him. So Kiper has us getting

Bosa perhaps the best pass rusher from the edge in the draft but Mel says Ozzie won't even sprint

to the podium to call Bosa's name if there because of Myles Jack, Buckner, Hargreaves and Ronnie Stanley

will also be there



That's because he has SD drafting Buckner who is perfect for their and our 3-4 defense and can

switch to 4-3 and cover.


Jack from UCLA is another rusher that could go in the top 6 for the Ravens to consider even

though he missed 9 games with injury. He'll shoot up to top 8 if his combines numbers are good.


Hargreaves would be the next guy after Bosa for the Ravens to consider as the most pure cover

guy in the draft and he'll be there but reports say he might get pushed and bumped around by

the bigger WRs like AJ Green.


And many mocks have Ronnie Stanley as our pick since Monroe will probably be cut and Ravens

can save about $6M but that would be the pick only if KO leaves and many mocks have Stanley

going in the first 3 rounds behind LT Tonsil anyway.


Two LTs will probably be drafted before any of the pass rushers and that could leave Bosa, Hargreaves, Jack or Spence for us. Man, I'd do cartwheels with Bosa.



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A player I would love to have in the 2nd round is Sua Cravens from USC. He is projected to go anywhere from late 1st to mid 2nd round. He is a versatile athlete that we can line up at LB to cover TEs in the pass game and he is versatile enough to line up as a SS in the run game. I'm not sure he is fast enough to line up as an everydown SS and the quicker RBs might just be too much for him 1 on 1 but I think he can cover just about any TE in the league and we have been getting killed by TEs lately. He is a team captain and great character kid. We had great success drafting our first player from USC last year in Buck Allen and I would be really happy if we make Sua the 2nd kid drafted from USC.

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CSN chimes in here saying Ozzie never trades down this high in the draft getting Jamal Lewis who

took him to the SB 35 trophy. The Ravens have had only 9 picks in the top 20 with Boller being

the only bust.


As Kiper pointed out, Oz could have 4 blue chippers to choose from at #6 this year. If he wants to

NOah Spence he could trade down but not far.


Ozzie usually trades down when he's drafting around 25 and there's no one left on the board like

in the Pitta draft who also took him to the SB trophy.






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PFF is obsessed with DeForest Buckner. We are stacked in our front line but it appears Buckner is a force in the pass rush and can be moved up and down the line.




Buckner or Bosa would be very solid picks.

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I meant as far as locking up the left side like JO did for a long time not that he was

as good as him. He's the second best LT

in the draft and I've seen him going in the first 4 rounds. It's possible he won't even be there

for us and I posted a link with other suitable LTs like the guys from Ohio St and Michigan St

but you can get them lower in the first but Ozzie won't pass up a Bosa, Buckner, Jack OR

Treadwell for a LT.

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