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Cesar Izturis to flap wings in Baltimore

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Man, I'm so sorry guys. I had to endure the Izturis era in St. Louis... he's a slick fielder, but damn, he'd be lucky to hit his weight soaking wet.


He'll dazzle you with the leather, though. He's got mad range and can flip two easily... good defensive pickup, but I wonder if there are better options elsewhere?

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Tampa didn't get much production from Jason Barlett, but benefited immensely from his defense at SS. I am fine with the Izturis pickup. Hit him ninth, and let him save you some runs with his glove. We haven't had a good defensive shortstop in Baltimore since Mike Bordick. I would love to have Bordick right now.

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I am fine with the Izturis signing. There wasn't exactly a lot out there in terms of short stops... Renteria and Furcal, but neither were ever on our radar it seemed.


We needed a stop-gap. Izturis will do the job and be a fine #9 hitter.


Freel excites me, though. I think he is an energy that should be fun to have around... kind of like Millar. And much more positive and less ego than Payton.


If we can sign Tex, I'm willing to call this a great off-season for the batting side of the team... and adding Huff would help.


Roberts - 2b

Jones - cf

Markakis - rf

Tex - 1b

Huff - dh

Mora - 3b

Scott/Freel - lf

Wieters/Zaun - c

Izturis - ss


Pitching wise? We gotta land someone. At least ONE.



... btw ... on Tex


Schmuck says the O's are definitely in contention. The O's, Nats, Angels and Red Sox appear to be the last four left. MacPhail is pushing hard... implying that this off-season would not be successful without landing Tex. Boras is being stingy about giving out info... he has said family and area are a bit part of Tex's decision (perhaps eliminating the Angels?). Regardless... I'm excited.

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Dude, just wait until you hear all the funny stories about Freel. He's got voices in his head. Farney is one of 'em... and the most pronounced.


Freel plays balls-out and is a great utility guy. And he's crazier than a shithouse rat. What's not to love?

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