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Giants game

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Finally watched the reply last night and some parting thoughts:


1. Flacco and the O look good, esp in the no huddle offense. Joe is starting to throw more confidently across the middle although a few balls are still behind receivers (e.g. TD pass to Boldin). Otherwise, Joe and the O looked strong.


2. The O line looked decent though it gave up a few to many sacks. Blind side Big Mike needs to get the count down better. In the reg season, those false starts absolutely can kill drives. Dont think Rex and Jets arent watching this stuff.


3. WRs - Boldin is the real deal. We need more like him. Too bad Stallworth went down. Time for Dwill and Clayton to step up.

Bonehead penalty by Mason before half. Inexcusable for a veteran like Dmase. Cant do this crap in reg season.


4. Encouraging play from Heap - we need that kind of Heap all season and NO INJURIES.


5. ST Play - Solid throughout. PK choice will be tough. Cundiff seems to have the edge.


6. DL- Looks solid but a bit spotty on a few Jacobs and Bradshaw runs, shades of few years ago (?). We need Cody to get healthy.


7. LB- JJ looks great. Ray looked a bit tired. Maybe the 4 pre season game schedule is taking its toll. The others - Ellerbe, McClain, Gooden - need to step up huge.


8. CB- still looks weak although Fab Wash play and energy was inspiring. The other side, w/Carr, is ok but a bit scary to watch. Carr is fine in certain situations but we need Webb back for the season opener- no ands ifs or buts about it !


9. Safety - Nak played great. The guy is a player and could be the next Reed. He has a nose for the ball. Zib looked slowere and was beat big time in first half - luckily Eli missed his WR (Smith I think). Nak needs more playing time while Reed is on the mend.

Landry got worked -one so so game for him. No big deal.


10. Overall, the team looks ready (as its going to be). If I'm Harbs I am not playing any starter more than 1 series. Period.


Time to rest and get ready for the F-Bomb dropper and the J-E-T-S.


Go Ravens !

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