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"The Ravens think they may have lost long-snapper Morgan Cox for the season with a knee injury. Also, linebacker Tavares Gooden dislocated his left shoulder for the second time this season and tight end Dennis Pitta suffered his second concussion of the season."

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Guest BallTMore

After the problems we had with Katula late last season, you cannot take what Cox has done for us for granted. I also feel bummed for the guy because he was clearly distraught being lost for the season this late into a playoff run.



Agree. This is a bummer. You don't notice the long snapper until he sails one over the punters head, or sends a bad snap while trying a game-winning field goal in the playoffs. :scared:

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Well a long snapper to the IR, could be worse much worse, you can even argue that we are in a better condition than in week two, when Reed, BA and Stallworth now is back.. and to this point no one is ruled out. Only legit ir so fare Gaither and Foxworth happend in the preseason.


This is as healthy that it possible can be in this league at this time.


Bengals have ten players placed on IR who were playing in week two, five starters DB Crocker, DT Tank J, DE Odom, WR TO and OT Andre Smith + their kicker Nugent and DB Pacman, DB Ndukwe, DB Morgan Trent and DE Rucker.. DE Fanene is out as well. Their DL and secondary is hurt.


Their dime has to be a true nobody with all of those DBs out, other DBs out Tom Nelson, Murray, Ghee, Vakapuna and Gabri Wilson.

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