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Edsall to coach Terps


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I'm not sure how I feel about Randy Edsall over Mike Leach, but Edsall's done well in his 12 years at UConn. He's had enough time to develop his recruiting on the east coast, their roster is abundant with guys from Maine down to Florida, and a few from TX and CA. It's obvious he hasn't had the superb talent that would have made UConn anymore than what the Big East has had in the last few years, BCS reps that were not legitimate national championship material. But let's see what he can do at MD, especially next year with O'Brien and (hopefully) Smith. I'll be rooting for Edsall, I have been to this point even as a WVU fan.



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Smith already declared.


And this is such a lateral move both ways. Edsall isn't exactly making a big move (top school in a weak conference at a basketball school to a middling school in a stronger conference at a basketball school). Even with his awful years, Fridge has a much better record than Edsall, who has essentially had only two very good years.


Not that I'm arguing for or against anyone else (Leach was a stupid idea, and Fridge was definitely a lame duck), but I'm just not confident.

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I'm not too confident either, especially from the recruiting front. Maybe Leach would've been better there, especially in breaking the Mississippi-river line of recruiting; but I'd think his would've been at best a lateral, more like temporary downward mobility. At least Edsall presents himself (ahem) as an upbeat, confident guy who's not afraid to at least talk about aspiring to winning the conference or even better.

I figured Smith would be gone...; hopefully Meggett can produce adequately in Scott's place.

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I am not overwhelmed by any means. But I think Edsall's recruiting is one of his greatest strengths and I look for an uptick in that department - something I think Ralph lacked, bit time.


You also have to remember, when viewing his UConn record, that he was taking the team from I-AA school to a BCS school. In his last 7 years, he made 5 bowl appearances and tied for two conference championships.


I also think (and hope) that Edsall has his mind set on playing some big games against big schools - just in those open slots to start the season. I think it's something that all of BCS football needs to do, but Edsall has said he's committed to it.


I think, mostly, I'm worried to see his awful record against ranked schools in his time at UConn. But then again, he was largely playing with second-hand players because of the school's reputation and its history as a I-AA school. There's a lot more to work with at UMD.

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