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the mentality of we are going to line up, run the ball and there's not a damn thing you are going to do about it !

We have gotten so far away from this mentality, its no wonder our offense and passing game (Flacco) struggles. You can argue that passing will certainly open up the run but we dont effectively run anymore and havent for several games.


I am not sure, under Cam, we can effectively resurrect our running game and re-establish our identity as a strong or at least a formidable running team.


Its critical that this team re-establishes and COMMITS to the run- and I dont mean doubling Rice's carries to 10-15 times per game. This team needs to generate a consistent 100-150 yards via Rice, Williams and Leach.


This will take pressure off Joe, give our O some needed confidence, open up play action, and at least make our offense less predictable.



Obvious ? Yes. Necessary ? Yes. Comon sense ? Yes. Then why aren't we doing it ?

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