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Billick Sucks Again!


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I can't help thinking of the years the organization wasted on Billick and his sidekick Boller. The Steelers built a good team while the Ravens were stymied and stunted. Rothelsberger came on the scene after Boller had time in the league and Boller even till the end couldn't hold his jockstrap. Was Modell just to old to realize Billick was just a bullshitter or to cheap to get rid of him? I mean as a fan its like we wasted 8 years on Billick too. The Ravens are turning it around now though. It just sucks to lose to the Steelers. They must have a good owner and management.

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Can't agree with anything you said about Billick except wasting time on Boller... but even though, I don't think we wasted too much time on him. I mean, we did go get and succeed with McNair.


Billick had his issues. In two years we'll have plenty of issues with Harbaugh. Trust me.


I'm not Al Davis. I think coaches can survive more than a four year shelf life. Far more. But the honey moon, assuming a good start like Billick and Harbaugh both had, can only last a few years. The doubters come in no time.


For all of Billick's faults, he made this team into a winner. He inspired the winning attitude. He gave this whole team the swagger and arrogance we all love nine days out of ten. Now, it eventually wears thin in a coach and even in some players, but he brought a whole lot to this team.

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