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Two Ravens on the list of the 20 players from today's NFL that could play in any era... #14 Ray Rice (a bit surprising to me, given he's so young) and #13 Ed Reed (duh, surprised he's not higher).


Oh, did I mention, they've only released #'s 20-13... 12-1 still to come. Ray is certain to be there... maybe Suggs? Ngata? Who knows, maybe even Jarrett Johnson given the kind of "unsung hero" theme they seem to be going for...

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A little ridiculous to think that Troy would rank above Reed. Troy is good and all, very good, exceptional. Reed is an alien from another planet. Reed has had the Deion Sanders effect on QBs, they just won't throw his way. Maybe not so much anymore. On top of this, Reed in his hay day could play the run better than any safety in the league. There has never been a safety in football as good as Ed Reed. End of story. All due respect to Troy and Lott, they're phenomenal, Reed is just better.


He played the run

He defended passes

He intercepted passes

He blocked punts

He returned punts

He blitzed the passer

He hit receivers hard

He forced fumbles

And most importantly he scored once he created the turnovers


I can't believe that anyone would not consider him the best Safety ever.

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Reed is great and he could be the greatest ball hawking safety ever. I dont get into the troy vs reed debate for a couple reasons. They play different positions and they play different styles. Yes reed played ss to start his career but mostly has played fs and its like the rod woodson vs deion debate one is a hell of a ball hawk and the other is just all over the place. There for awhile you would be stupid to throw the ball within 30 yards of reed and when he got the ball in his hands look out. Troy is all over the place amd seems to make the huge play or amazing play when it is needed most. Any team would be lucky to have either one of them. Now pertaining to this list by their rules i think troy would fit in better back then becuase he is a talking machine. This goes back to the different styles of play troy has 3 less years and 20 some less starts then read but is already ahead of him in tackles but gas no chance of catching reed in ints.

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I agree making the debate stinks sometimes because I never want to come off as saying Polamalu sucks. I just believe that Reed can contribute doing anything. Returning/Blocking punts, Ints for TDs, Sacks, forcing fumbles, everything.


Polomalu is a game changer, however it traditionally comes from the defense and mostly from the linebacking spot. He's a force, but he's not as versatile. I would take him in a heartbeat if this team didnt have Reed.

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