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Terps CRUSH Duke


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Terps are going to have this problem against all the good teams this year... or stereotypically good teams this year.


They might be able to handle Davidson and Stephen Curry...


But the tallest player on the Terps is like 6'8... and not very good. Meanwhile, Duke and UNC and all the other real teams out there have big men inside that are just going to destroy us.


Get used to it.


Sorry, Gary... but this is your fault. You didn't bring any big men in, you pay for it.


I really believe this should be Gary's last year. He's not up to it anymore at his age. And the team needs some new inspiration. I appreciate all he has done for the program. 20 years is an amazing run. But we're just not competitive anymore.

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By the way, I REALLY can't stand the Big East this year.


'Cuse played four games in the past nine days. ...against the #4, #12, #13, and new #12 teams in the country. In NINE days. Some teams don't go entire seasons playing teams of those caliber, and they're quite often damn good teams themselves.


It just pisses me off. For as horrid as the Terps are this year, Cuse is a damn good team, but they're being screwed by the fact that the '08/'09 Big East might be the best overall conference we've ever seen.


It's ridiculous.

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