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Rich Hill traded to the O's?

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Rich Hill for a PLTBN? Wow, great trade! Hill is a guy who only a year ago in 2007 posted 183 strike outs in 195 innings (only 63 walks), went 11-8 with a 3.92 ERA. He only started five games last season and the Cubs gave up on him. Hill is a prime candidate to be this season's Gavin Floyd. McPhail is really working!


Rumors suggested last winter that the Orioles wanted Rich Hill and Felix Pie included in the trade for Brian Roberts...the Cubs, at the time, did not want to part with either player.


How about that?

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Yeah, was reading that last night but it wasn't quite final - said they needed a bit more waiting.


I agree, awesome deal. Hill will probably wind up the #2 in our rotation and I couldn't mind less.

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I've been wondering the same thing. But they are pretty deep at pitching right now and OF, so Pie and Hill, coming off very disappointing years, aren't that valuable to them.


Even so, it seems silly to me. From the view of an O's fan, we'd all love to have the kind of depth they have and would have no problem just holding on to it to no end.

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The only thing that worries me is that he's still struggling pretty badly in winter play right now.


At least, so I read.


I agree. Even though Hill only had five starts last season, he did horrible in the minors last season, and as you said, is doing horrible in winter ball. However, the hope is that reuniting Hill with pitching coach Rick Kranitz and bullpen coach Alan Dunn will get him back on track. At the very least, this is certainly a low-risk, how-reward deal. Great trade! Especially considering the Cubs would not give us Hill and Pie for B-Rob last season when we asked. We got both guys for dirt cheap!


Here is a great analysis about what might be wrong with Hill:




Here is the trade from the Sun:



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What I also like is that all these guys are actually old MacPhail recruits from his days in Chicago... and outside of these Cubs moves, I have liked MacPhail's eye for talent overall.


Again, I think it's a great move for the O's because it gives us the option of using Hill and letting him eat innings and perhaps find his stride again... or if he doesn't, we can still dip into our nest of prospects, just not as early in the season.

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