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One Winning Drive: Redefining Sloppy Football


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The Bengals-Ravens first half redefined my definition of sloppy football in every single aspect… and this is supposed to be a game for the lead in one of the NFL’s strongest divisions.


This wasn’t “hardnosed, hard-hitting” football. It was just ugly.


The Ravens: Look lost defensively, especially in the secondary. With the exception of a number of mistakes by the Bengals, the Ravens defense has been steamrolled. Cedric Benson is bowling guys over. Offensively, the Ravens looked equally confused - not used to running the ball, awkward throwing the ball.


The Bengals: Actually playing well, but making silly mistakes everywhere. Carson Palmer’s interception was a great play by Ed Reed by a bad play by Palmer. On special teams, the Bengals still can’t even snap the ball properly and have been leaving points all over the field (lucky for the Ravens).


The Officials: Jeff Triplett has never impressed me and his reputation isn’t getting better. At least there haven’t been silly flags, but there have been lots of weird mistakes - including (1) not overturning the Clayton fumble (it was a fumble) and (2) not putting the ball on the right yard line after the review. I’m also not sure, but it looks like the Bengals left guard is moving early on every play…


The Announcers: Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker are taking the title “space cadets” to a whole new level. Apparently we’re watching the Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins, Steelers, Patriots and Browns… demolition derby style. Not to mention just bad calls, bad analysis and not paying attention to what’s happening on the field. It took Tasker 5 minutes to realize the officials had ruled Clayton down by contact.


Ok… everybody now… halftime, hit the lockerroom, get a breather, get your head in the game and get back out there. Andddddddd BREAK!



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