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  1. Going in to the bye undefeated... nice.
  2. GL to you guys in NE, hope you win Also hope you choke Conflicts....
  3. Choke? Try DOA, Busch league QB strikes again.
  4. Game infuriated me so much....
  5. Bout what I thought would happen... some one find me a real QB
  6. From what I here, he's got a hurt quad. 38 yr old body.
  7. Most Bengal fans would like to see Marv moved out of the HC position and into the talent department full time.
  8. No, the owner is still lousy, thankfully he is starting to pull a Vince McMahon and is letting go of some things on the team and leaving it to his daughter and her husband. Also, for as bad a coach as ML is, he has an eye for talent.
  9. How the Bengals could be the AFC's 2-seedDecember, 22, 2014Dec 225:20PM ETBy Coley Harvey | ESPN.com CINCINNATI -- There's something else on the line when the Cincinnati Bengals host the Denver Broncos on ESPN's "Monday Night football" that's barely been mentioned this week. The AFC's 2-seed. It's quite possible that if the heaviest of dominoes fall not only Monday night but also next week, the Bengals could end up having the opening round of the playoffs off. http://espn.go.com/blog/cincinnati-bengals/
  10. Posted Yesterday, 11:56 PM Rapid Reaction: Cincinnati BengalsDecember, 22, 2014Dec 2211:52PM ETBy Coley Harvey | ESPN.com CINCINNATI -- A few thoughts on the Cincinnati Bengals' 37-28 victory over the Denver Broncos at Paul Brown Stadium on "Monday Night Football:" What it means: First and foremost, this win means the Bengals are now in the playoffs. This is the first time in franchise history they've been to the postseason four straight seasons. At worst, they would be the fifth- or sixth-seeded wild card. At best, they could be the AFC's No. 2 seed. They'll need a win next week at Pittsburgh and a Broncos loss or tie in order for that to happen. With this nationally-televised win, the Bengals began silencing the narrative that they simply don't show up in prime time. They are now 3-6 at night since Andy Dalton became their starting quarterback in 2011. After posting a 2.0 passer rating in their Thursday night loss to Cleveland last month, Dalton had an 89.6. Stock watch: It's safe to say cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick's stock is rising. After occupying a spot on the Bengals' bench for most of the season, he came off at the right moment against the Broncos. With 12-year veteran Terence Newman struggling in the third quarter, Bengals coaches turned to their third-year backup to make plays and to keep receiver Demaryius Thomas, among others, in check. Kirkpatrick did even better than that, coming away with two pivotal interceptions in the final three minutes. His 30-yard interception return for touchdown with 2:41 remaining extended the Bengals' score for the win. http://espn.go.com/blog/cincinnati-bengals/
  11. Posted A minute ago Josh Kirkendall ‏@Josh_Kirkendall 8m8 minutes agoGresham claiming that Lapham said that Gresham quit. Gresham had an issue with that and the two had a verbal spat in the locker room. Josh Kirkendall ‏@Josh_Kirkendall 6m6 minutes agoGlad that Gresham made this about himself as the team celebrated a great win DURING Lap's interview with Lewis (who wasn't pleased at all). Mo Egger ‏@MoEgger1530 3m3 minutes agoGreat performance by his teammates, and Jermaine Gresham is more concerned about himself. Speaks volumes. Chick Ludwig1 min · Cincinnati, OH · Bengals Family Feud: TE Jermaine Gresham (deactivated after warming up) interrupts Dave Lapham's post-game interview with HC Marvin Lewis. Gresham & Lap have words on live radio! Gresham claims Lap said Gresham "quit." Lap said he never used the word "quit." Gresham is a free agent after the season. Goodbye, Jermaine.
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