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Heavyweight Fight


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Used to be Shannon Sharpe's comment leading up to a big game.


Problem is... we never showed up. Forget the penalties and flags. How do you explain:


- a 80 yd pass play to Chris Henry


- a buck twenty yards by Cedrick Benson


- a six yard yd by Carson Palmer on 4th and 1 (final drive).


This team has lost its focus, discipline, swagger.


This team was flat out punched in the mouth by a slightly above average team in the Bengals.

The Bengals arent jack squat compared to the Vikings.


The bye week wont come soon enough after next Sunday.


We are going to learn alot about Coach Harbaugh in the next 2-3 games.

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Actually, the one thing the announcers got right all game was about the Carson Palmer scramble on the final drive... just a nice offensive play call... drop deep, send routes long... let the defenders come towards Palmer...


There's no real way to defend that without a QB spy... which maybe we should have done... but then you risk leaving a man open downfield. Just hard to combat that when he only needs a yard.

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