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  1. vmax - Harbaugh performed well enough this season to be 2019 Coach of the Year. No one is above criticism and should allow for free and open opinions, not even an honorable member here such as you, Robespierre.
  2. Signing A.J Green would be a big help to the "open-receiver" challenged offense.
  3. Poor clock management at the end of the first half, use of fourth down analytics when the team was not executing well enough to support the decision not to punt or take the points, OC not helping the sophomore pro QB when he became unsure of what to do when comfort zone RPO's were not working and receivers were not getting separation, DC calling up a blitz after mid-field turnover with no safety protection when next play would be an "obvious" end zone attempt....too many coaching faux pas to overlook, along with poor team execution, should level very heavy criticism to coaching of our team. The "choke" term should apply more to the coaches than the players.
  4. Be patient.........................Roman wasn't picked in (just) a day!
  5. Lamar should get an extra time out for his Coach's challenge.
  6. krf82

    Ravens Notes

    Still seems that there is an overload at strong safety: is there a true free safety on the roster?
  7. Article from The Athletic: "Afforded a second look at film of the Ravens in three weeks, Chargers defenders saw that Baltimore’s offense, though complex, seemed to change little week to week. They solved parts of it and picked up clues, like left tackle Ronnie Stanley’s feet. When Stanley set them about even, it was a run, and when he set his left foot further back, it was a pass “almost 100 percent” of the time. And when the Ravens ran out of the pistol formation, a tight end in the backfield on the same side as the tight end at the line of scrimmage almost always meant one of two running plays: “counter” or “cut belly.” On Sunday, players said it was as if Baltimore changed nothing from the first game."
  8. Our DB's have to stick like glue, to make the pass rush effective. If this happens, int's and sacks will enable a Ravens win.
  9. "I find it an offensive photo edit." Me, too!
  10. Yes, the new Browns are physical. They will try to go after Lamar and make him uncomfortable. Quick handoffs, passes and smart play will be the vogue early. Lamar's been good at this, too. Ball security is a must.
  11. Where in the crop is recognized now as a "Playmaker"?
  12. krf82

    Rams & Chiefs

    The beauty of professional football was tough minded, excellent play in all phases. Respect for the game and its history has been phased out in favor of glamour. Follow the money...
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