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  1. But without the fans in the stands unfortunately
  2. Ready for Memorial Day!

  3. Stay Home Stay Safe!

  4. Hope they are not as for now NFL not in trouble over virus cancelling season.
  5. Stay Safe Stay Home

  6. No as they the veterans make millions it is the younger players and ones not millionaires that need to be furloughed.
  7. Yeah as really think they need two bye weeks there if they are expanding.
  8. It always seems big contract makes people get soft.
  9. That would be nice. As really that halftime show was really way over the top.
  10. Lamar is young. Give him time. Just needs to develop into a clutch QB.
  11. Glad that of in the no longer see the Patriots in the Super Bowl or that of in the Playoffs!
  12. Cowboys to officially part ways after Jason Garrett's contract expires on January 14th!
  13. Yeah as Lamar will really show that if the Browns beat them aka the Ravens on their home turf back earlier in the week, Ravens will do the same to the Browns on their home turf.
  14. Yeah as really Rudolph needs to be suspended. He did start it!
  15. Wonder when they will put Drew Lock in!
  16. Happy Hallloween

  17. Please focus and finish. As really Lamar can't do it all!
  18. Really money and fame can change you if you let it.
  19. Ready for October!

  20. Browns really with all the hype. Really media brings blows things out of proportion there.
  21. NFL 100th Anniversary

  22. He has a big leg and that he just needs to be consistent there!
  23. Ready for Labor Day!

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