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a tradition of mine that i would like to bring here saturday


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i used to do this with my fellow titans peeps on their boards, and it worked for two years! it has become a tradition of mine, and i would like to bring that flavor here! we all have our ways that we express our love, our fever if you will to our teams! this may seem weird, you can't please everyone i understand, but i feel right at home here , you guys have been great to me, so i feel free to be myself! what i would like to do starting this saturday is do a flow session thread!


what flow sessions are is you make up the best rapping, rhyming that you can to display your love for the ravens, about our up coming games and how we feel they will win the next day. it is fun. i encourage you guys to give it a try! if you don't like it, hey, i totally understand, but i feel most will enjoy it. you don't have to be perfect at it, but just show the ravens fever and to the point to when other posters read it, they FEEEEEEEEEEEEL IT!!! its bascially an online pep rally!! SO IF YOU ARE READY, HOLLAR IF YOU HERE ME!!! AND LETS CRANK THAT RAY LEWIS!!!!!

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ok, i will give a demonstration.



its game time baby, ravens weekend

you know what they cravin, they cravin a victory!

kyle orton bout to scream for his mommy

when ray lewis takens HIS FREAKIN HEAD OFF!!

t- zizzles is pissed off, oh my heads are gonna roll

broncos are coming to baltimore, they gonna get dealt with

when we are finnished they won't want no more!!!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BABY!!! COME ON!! LETS GO!!! LETS GO!!! LETS GO!!!! lets crank this motha up in here!! YEAH!!! YEAH!!! we are gonna start our flow session today, since its the first time, and take it all the way to sunday! this was just a demonstration, certainly not my best, but in order for my best to come out, i am gonna need some ravens fans to get rowdy with me!!!!

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i respect that man. i am sure there will be some people that will pass, but i am hoping some will take on it! i know its kind of out there, but its really something i enjoy , and it gets me pumped up for the games.

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