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Jamal Lewis to Retire as a Raven


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-- Jamal Lewis to Retire as a Raven --

Wed Nov 11, 2009 --from FFMastermind.com


The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports Browns RB Jamal Lewis said on a Ravens conference call Wednesday that he's retiring "just because I'm tired of it, tired of it and that was my goal, and that's all I wanted. So, time to move on." Lewis re-iterated that he "made that decision before the season even started." He admitted that Monday night's game -- his last against his former Ravens -- will be special. "Oh yeah, most definitely," he said. "That will be a great one. Being that I will be playing these guys for the last time, being able to suit up against ILB Ray Lewis for the last time, it's a good thing. It will be a memorable moment." He said he'll look back at himself as a Raven as opposed to a Raven and a Brown. "A Raven, of course, because that's who gave me my shot," he said. "That's who brought me in. That's where I pretty much did all my work. I have a lot of memories there, a lot of memories there -- a lot of older players that helped me out and brought me in, led me and showed me the way. That's where I got it from."

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