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Eisenberg: Ravens Must Sweep 3-Game Home Stretch


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The Ravens haven’t actually been on the road since Labor Day. It just seems that way.

The 2013 NFL season has been underway for 11 weeks, and the Ravens have played four games at M&T Bank Stadium. No other team has played less on its home turf.

Strangely, with Thanksgiving looming and the season about to enter its home stretch, the Ravens still have half of their home schedule to go. They’re going to play three straight in Baltimore starting with Sunday’s game against the New York Jets.

None of this has caught anyone by surprise. When the schedule came out last spring, everyone could see that it was frontloaded with road games and that the Ravens would be at home a lot in late November and December, when playoff bids generally are determined. It sounded like a favorable schedule, although Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh shrugged off the notion that it mattered in any way, stating what he always does about schedules, that all teams plays eight at home and eight on the road in the end.


This is a tall order, just not confident in this years squad that they can pull it off, and its not just the Pitt game that worries me, how about the Dec 2nd game vs New England?

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