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From what group have we seen the most impact?


From the current roster, we have 29 players who was active last year at the end.

The extra 24 comes from IR, FA and draft.


Nine from the roster was on IR: Burgess, Edwards, Gooden, Gregg, Harper, Landry, Talavou, D-Williams and Yanda

Ten from FA: Beck, Birk, Carr, Cundiff, Foxworth, Moll, LJ Smith, Tyree, K.Washington, Cary Williams

Five from draft/UDFA: Ellerbe, Gerard, Kruger, Oher and Webb


I think it is easy to say IR is the winner, even though I expected more from that group. Yanda, Gregg and Landry.. I do think they have been better with more games and Edwards has been the nice surprise from that group.. The last part of his 2007 season was probably his best period, And its like he has raise his level since that. Gooden and DW hmm.. I just need so much more from them! And I think Burgess has stepped up on ST.


The rookies takes second place. Its probably not a surprise that our late picks didnt work out, Philips IR, Drew PS and Pearman in detroit. Obviously we did expect a lot from Oher and less from Kruger and they have been just that. Ellerbe and Webb is by fare the most positive contributions.


Our FAs not that much.. I would say Birk has hardly been an upgrade, done his job, not so much the leader. Fox and Carr probably the same thing, did the job not been contributors. KW is the positive story of that group and LJ Smith the negative.

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On defense they are improving. Over the last 7 games the D has given up the fewest points in the NFL so there is hidden improvement in Landry, Carr, Foxworth, Kruger...Edwards definately...Gregg. Hopefully this continues. Perhaps with a new DC and defensive roster turnover it took this long for the secdondary to develop within the game plan and get the allighnment, assignment and technique down. We'll see.


LJ Smith...useless.

Gooden...he gets lost and is late at the point of attack...has problems shedding blocks. Speeds great but if you hesitate or don't know where to go it's a waste. He's not an answer at LB.


A lot of us want to see gerrard. He may develop well...like Webb.


Can't say enough positive things about the Oher pick. With Terry out where would the Ravens O be without him and his versatility?

He's on a learning curve as a rookie but he is the final piece to an offensive line that should be very good for years to come.

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