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ExtremeRavens: The Sanctuary

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Kevin Byrne, Ravens VP, has some interesting inside insight to the team and organization. I always enjoy reading his comments. This article has some excellent points and is worth reading in it's entirety. Here's one insight on Harbaugh and the team from it...


In Tough Times


A couple of times this season, Coach Harbaugh has talked to the team about Nehamiah, a leader from the Old Testament noted for building a city while battling those trying to tear it down. John has told the players and coaches that this great warrior had a spear in one hand to keep the enemy away, while he carried a shovel in his other hand to dig the foundation for future defense.


A couple of players and coaches have mentioned the head coachs stories to me. They have been moved by them. The message is obvious: as we nobly battle our current circumstance, we are building a foundation for future victory.


We dont completely ignore Christmas here we had a full practice day yesterday on Christmas Eve and, while todays meeting and practice times have been adjusted, the team is working today to beat the Steelers. Our assistant coaches have the spirit of the holidays and came up with a very cool gift for Coach Harbaugh. They had a sculpture made of a gladiator-type warrior with a spear in one hand and shovel in the other. The statue sits on a piece of granite, a strong foundation. The coaches presented it to John Tuesday night. The head coach was touched. Way to go, guys!




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