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ExtremeRavens: The Sanctuary

Baltimore Sun Staff in Shock!


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They had a spiritual awakening while in the Press box at Foxborough!


Instant analysis from Ravens' win over Patriots

How our reporters and editors saw today's 33-14 victory:


Jamison Hensley: I've never seen a team come in as physical and as focused as Ravens in any playoff game. The players were on a misson today.


Mike Preston: Now it's time to get serious about this football team.


Ken Murray: The Ravens' defense punched Tom Brady and the Patriots in the mouth in the first quarter, and the 24-point onslaught propelled the Ravens all the way to Indianapolis. Ray Rice, the Ravens' Little Big Man, set the tone when he scampered 83 yards on the first play from scrimmage and Brady proceeded to give up three turnovers in the first quarter against Baltimore's withering defense. The dynasty is officially dead.


Peter Schmuck: Everything that could possibly go right for the Ravens went right in the first quarter. When was the last time that happened?


Kevin Van Valkenburg: What this team needed all year was an identity, and focus. They've found it. Running the ball, going nuts on defense, and convincing themselves no one -- not the league, the media, or the referees -- believes they can win. Flacco needs to get healthy somehow, but this team is officially dangerous.


Ron Fritz: Could anyone have expected this type of game from the Ravens after all the mistake- and penalty-filled games this season? The Colts should be worried, especially after they've spent the past month with their feet up.




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