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Lane Kiffin to USC


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You should had seen the "fans" send Lane Kiffin a farewell by burning mattresses and other things. 200 Of UT kids really think that Kiffin is such a traitor!


While I do agree that it's a terrible thing to do to a program, I also believe that most people would've done the same thing that Kiffin did, if they were in his situation. How many people are going to turn down their 'dream job'? Clearly Kiffin always wanted to follow in Pete Carroll's footsteps, and he definitely seems like a west-coast kind of guy. Some people would sacrifice their own happiness out of loyalty to their employer (or recruits/school/fans, in this case) and some people would not. I can't blame Kiffin for doing what's best for him, even if I feel bad for Tennessee's players and fans.

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