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Steelers having a great camp so far

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All the beat writers are saying they can't remember the last time the Steelers were this physical in camp. They have come out with their hair on fire. All the big names are perfoming very well except for Bell who has been held out due to hamstring tightness but that the only major player hurting right now. Shazier has looked like a beast out there and is just so fast. He schooled Blount two out of three times in backs on backers. Blount said he is just too fast. Wheaton has looked great along with Justin Brown. AB is AB and still basically uncoverable. A lot of no huddle has been ran and Ben is on point amd the coaches have said this is the strongest his arm has ever looked. Arthur Moats may male Worilds expendable next year amd the switch from a 4-3 Lber to a 3-4 olb has suited him very well. Archer is definitely a game changer. The line has been solid giving Ben time and a pocket to throw from. The camp surprise has been undrafted rookie TE Eric Waters. He is a great blocker amd though Mizzou didnt ask him to run routes and make catches he is very good at and will probably break camp as the Steelers 3rd TE. He is 6'4" 250+ pounds amd ran a 4.58 forty. Another UDFA is local kid and Youngstown st product C\G Chris Elkins. He has yet to be beat amd his college coach said he didn't miss am assignment once in the 4 years he played there. FS Jordan Hall is quickly making a ne for himself due to big hits. Big Dan McCullers is an absolute mountain of a man but is a little mild mannered. Antwon Blake is looking good and may push for time at the nickel spot. Porter is absolutely having a great impact on Jones who has shown his new inside move a lot with a lot of success. I'm sure the raven fans will notice it as its Porter's double fist to the chest followed by a spin inside. You can see they are hungry and may have me adjusting my 10-6 to 12-4. DHB has made some nice grabs as well amd will probably make the team as a special teams ace.

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