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Wally Williams

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Any guys listed to the The Fan today? A call-in on Norris and Davis started talking about Wally Williams wife.....and got cut off. THAT REALLY PEAKED MY INTEREST. I was surprised to see what she said. Crazy how the NFL whitewashed this stuff.




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As a result of these allegations about my past, I will not be available on radio or television, until further notice. Domestic abuse has never been apart of my life, nor my children's. Anyone that knows me and this situation, can attest to this. My ex is a survivor of violence in the past, as she states, however that was prior to our marriage.

Thank you for all your support and understanding during this time. This too shall pass!




From FB

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Yeah I saw that............BULLSHIT on Wally's part. You would think if Wally's story was right his wife would have stated that in the interview...she didn't. She said she reached out to NFL coaches.....about what?was she married to another NFL player before Wally?


Is she a gold digger out to make a buck....maybe, in her interview she looks convincing. She could be making it up, but Wally put his neck out in the public eye to make money so I guess his ex can play too.

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