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Quarterbacks want to be like ... Dalton?

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Quarterbacks want to be like ... Dalton?
September, 18, 2014
Sep 18
By Coley Harvey | ESPN.com

CINCINNATI -- The day Jay Gruden foresaw more than three years ago has finally arrived.

Quarterbacks want to be like Andy Dalton.

Cue the soundtrack to an early 1990s commercial anthem: "Sometimes I dream... that he is me..."

In this story by ESPN colleague John Keim on Wednesday, we found out that Kirk Cousins is doing something some other quarterbacks might soon admit to doing. He's trying to play like the Cincinnati Bengals' fourth-year quarterback, who has his team off to a 2-0 start and has started to prove that he might be worth every penny of the six-year, $115 million contract extension he signed back in August.


Mark Zerof/USA TODAY Sports
Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is playing well enough to be emulated by other NFL quarterbacks.

Built similarly to Dalton and blessed with athleticism and mobility a lot like Dalton's, Cousins is hoping that Gruden, the Bengals' former offensive coordinator who now is Washington's head coach, can get him to taste some of the same success that Dalton has experienced at the start of his career.



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