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Baltimore Ravens Offseason Outlook Video


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Good Afternoon ExtremeRavens.com!!!


I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU for allowing me to join your community and post here! Im looking forward to chatting it up with you guys all year!


We at Football Gameplan filmed Offseason Outlooks for every team.. I wanted you guys to check out the Ravens video. If you can, please give me some feedback...both GOOD and BAD! I would like to continue to improve our videos and I need your constructive criticism!


Also, in case you didn't know, we've been doing videos like this all season...dating back to Aug 1, 2009.. I've also been posting in the other Ravens forums, just to give ya'll a heads up..


I've also included in the video a link to your forum telling viewers if they want to talk more Ravens football...here are their fan forums! I did this in an effort to hopefully work with you guys and not to compete!


Thanks again and Enjoy!




I know this is my first post, and I hate that I'm asking you guys for a favor right off the bat, but if I've gone about this the wrong way...then I apologize

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You guys presented yourselves well and you are likeable but you got too many facts wrong.


For example: The Ravens are deep as shit and rock solid at running back but with your talk of McLain and McGahee possibly going elsewhere (they can't...under contract)...well to me you painted a picture that this position is a team concern. It's not...not this year.


You said the passing attack faded...it did because of the WR play...so losing a bunch of them can't hurt.(you did say they can easily be replaced...correct) Losing Mason would hurt but the rest can all be upgraded. So in this case turnover at that position is good.

I liked the video's you put up.


You can't replace an Ed Reed or Ray Lewis with a 5th or later draft round pick.


Same for the O line...they are not going anywhere...Gaither can't nor can Yanda...they don't have 6 years in the league which you must have to be an Unrestricted Free Agent.


Here's the list of the only Ravens who do not have contracts for 2010 and have accrued 6 or more years in the NFL. They could leave and go elsewhere

Bannan, Justin DT

Edwards, Dwan DE

Ivy, Corey CB

Mason, Derrick WR

Smith, L.J. TE

Tyree, David WR

Walker, Frank CB

Washington, Kelley


While there is some movement of RFA's every year in the league it's limited because of the draft picks and compensation involed...the Ravens basicly have control on their RFA's if they want to keep them bad enough...the ones they don't want back won't get a tendered offer.


Here's the official Ravens RFA list:


Landry, Dawan SS

Chester, Chris G

Clayton, Mark WR

Washington, Fabian CB

Cundiff, Billy K

Koch, Sam P

Moll, Tony T

Terry, Adam T

Williams, Demetrius WR


Of that list the Ravens will protect Chester, Koch, Landry and Terry. Probably no movement of those guys.



FYI...there will be around a 15 to 20 % turnover on this roster due to FA and the draft this off season. It just won't be the the high impact players.


You got it right with Pryce.


BTW...Getting caught on camera reading off a cheat sheet is a 'No-No'... :)


You're good guys...you got a future but it isn't now...BUT! Don't quit or give up! We might see you on SportCenter one fine day.

Thanks for listing our site.

Good Luck!

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