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Bouldin in Baltimore working out


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I love his attitude...


“I’ve had the opportunity to play with a guy like Kurt Warner, and the chemistry we had between each other was unbelievable,” Boldin said, referring to his former signal-caller with the Arizona Cardinals. “We could not say a word to each other and still be on the same page. That’s what I want with Joe. The more time we spend together, the better that will get.”

“Just watching the guy, he can make every throw on the football field,” said Boldin. “I’m just coming in to help him mature as a quarterback, and hopefully we can take it to the next level.”



That is exactly what the Ravens need to take the offense to the next level...they get to the line of scrimage, look at the D and intuitively know what each is going to do.


This could be a very special year for the Ravens offense. They have a great...maybe tops in the NFL...RB combo in Rice, McLain and McGahee. The line should be lights out this year. If this passing game takes off in Flacco's third year...look out.

The whole unit looks like they were put together to mature or bare fruit this year.


....So far it looks like attendance is great at the Castle.

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