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I think he can


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I think Upshaw will take his game up to the next level and replace McPhee adequately.




Despite limited snaps in pass-rushing situations, Upshaw was still creating pressure.

“He did a good job rushing the passer, especially toward the end of the year,” Harbaugh said. “He doesn’t have as many sacks – maybe he’s a split second late or the quarterback gets rid of it – but he’s had plenty of quarterback hits.

“We like Courtney as a pass rusher.”

Upshaw has also proven he can grow into more of a pass-rushing role. In college at Alabama, he had zero sacks as a freshman, one as a sophomore, seven as a junior and 9.5 as a senior.

Even if Upshaw does see more time, the team could still draft a pass rusher in April. Suggs, 32, and Dumervil, 31, are each one year older and Upshaw is heading into the final year of his rookie contract.http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Courtney-Upshaw-Could-Fill-Pass-Rusher-Void/4607de2e-09c4-4d7c-bb80-10d333b839a7


But the Ravens have to find more pass rushers this year.

Suggs and Doom are getting long in the tooth for this game but let's not forget...they were an outstanding tandem last year.


From 12/11/14...



Elvis Dumervil had just sacked Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Monday Night Football, triggering a reported $1 million incentive clause in his contract.

What did he talk about on the sideline?

He sat down next to fellow outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and did some calculations on where it put them in the race to be the NFL’s top sack duo. The two were fully aware of not only how many sacks they had, but their top competition out in Denver, too.

No, they weren’t leading at the time, but they are now.

Dumervil (16) and Suggs (8.5) have combined for 24.5 sacks this season. They already have topped the Ravens’ previous franchise duo sack record set by Trevor Pryce and Adalius Thomas (24 sacks) in 2006. Now they want to finish as the league leaders.


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