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Meaningful Games in December

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That's all a fan can ask for and Ravens fans have 4 of them beginning tonight. If the team can pull out a win toninght then the "more meaningful" it gets! :)


Before the season began I thought 6...maybe 7 wins. I based that on a new HC, banged up O line, banged up RB's in camp, new OC and system, questionable secondary, some ageing players on D, Ogdens retirement, and Kyle Boller as the starting QB.

Yes Boller...not Smith. Boller in camp, while not impressive, was way better than Smith IMO. I had no faith in Troy consistantly completing passes after watching him hit a beauty only to be followed by 3-4 clunkers. So what if he can run. That's what D's want...a QB that thinks panic run as soon as he can't find an open man or make the right read. Yea...he avoided the sack...yea the punt team is out there.


Well...like you I'm pleased beyond all expectations and this has been one of the more enjoyable seasons for me to follow as a Ravens fan.

Call it denial or years of hopeful futility but my brain still has a hard time believing the Ravens have their rock solid QB of the future.

But they do! They really do.


I heard a fan on talk radio the other day say we owe all of this to Steve's Bichiotti's gut instinct that a HC change needed to be made.


Thank You Steve...and may I add an Art Modell saying..."from the bottom of my heart".

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