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Urschel and Hurst - the super subs


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Man, what a pair of finds these guys were for Ozzie. Theyre rising stars of the future although for

now they're content on being super subs. Both saw a lot of action last year due to injuries and

Urschel who is a natural guard played some center. He was a 5th round draft choice last year.


Both have been getting a lot of reps at voluntary OTAs until the rest of the line is there. Urschel

has been playing center and says he improved his foot work speed and doesn't have to

think of things.


He is working on his PH.D in math and taught advanced calculas and trig at Penn St 3 days

pr week in addition to playing football. Ravens coaches discovered his brain and worked him

out a Center for a couple of games when Zuttah went down.


Hurst is another undrafted Ozzie find starting 5 games when Monroe went down and was the

first starting undrafted rookie LT in a wild card game in history and the Ravens won with him in Pissburgh.


They'll go back to being subs when training camp starts in a few weeks but they'll be super

subs until they start., Many see Urshel as the starting Center in a couple of years and DeCosta

said he is the future Center the day they drafted him. He says he's a natural guard but will

play wherever he wants. Hurst can play LT and RT. He has a lot of learning of courae but held

up well in the POs starting as an undrafted rookie.




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Yep both those guys were a welcome surprise last year. It'll be interesting to see how the LT spot goes now that Monroe will have some competition. Monroe will very likely be the starter this year but in 2016, who knows?

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Keep in mind 2016, a key year for Zuttah. His contract expires and there's a lot of talk about inserting

Urschel there. Letting Zuttah go along with several Ravens, some that might retire, will allow them to

keep both Yanda and KO. Many posters don't want both due to their big contracts and you get get guards

cheap in the middle rounds but the Ravens will try to keep the best OG duo in the league if they can.

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