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My first Ky Derby in 8 years


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Thats right, Im usually away this week, got forced to work today by the cocksucking mother fuckers( 12 months to go)


Im looking at making some vacation money today, its raining cats and dogs in Kentucky and so far races 1-9 have lit up the tote board :) with long shots..



4 horse Super Saver, ABSOLUTELY LOVES the mud, we are talking long odds here, 20-1

11 Horse Devil May Care, also takes to the mud at decent 10-1 odds


Hate the 20 Horse at 5-1, hes never raced on dirt, always on the "poly dirt" which is ground up tirees.


My wife, she likes HomeboyKris, only because her youngest brothers name is Kris, but I know better, this is a horse, trained in Maryland and owned by Joe Torre, Im sorry but I couldnt bet him with Monopoly Money...BTW the last time I held my wifes hunches, 1999 she gave me a bet for Charasamitic at 60-1, I took her 6.00 and bought a beer, that beer cost me 300+...I will never doubt her again.



My Origional horse to like was Lookin at Lucky, I still like him but not as a fovorite, but I will bet on a 5-1 favorite which he is currently at in odds....


I also, did a little research on KY Derby post position winners. I do like what they revealed, the most positions to win were the 1, 7 8 & 10 positions, 1 is held by Looking at Lucky...


I will be doing mucho picks with LAL on the 1st spot, just hope I get the right long shots to fill in at the 2nd, 3rd & 4th spots.

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Lookin at Lucky, Super Saver, Homeboykris. I was with you on Super Saver in the mud, but I can't bring myself to bet against Lucky. Homeboykris is just kind of my longshot filler horse, but I think he's got an interesting shot. Sidney's Candy is great in the mud, too, but I feel like he's the odd one out.


My mom seems to think Dublin (the longest of long shots) has a chance. Haha.

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Horse Racing , gawd i hope the casino treats me better.

4 horse Super Saver, ABSOLUTELY LOVES the mud, we are talking long odds here, 20-1


It seems you had the winner in your sights early. What happened?

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