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its been awhile!

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hello everyone, its been a while since i have been here , just taken a break from some football websites for a while, at least til it gets closer to the season. i will say this, the ravens have made some awesome moves this offseason, and its gonna be one exciting season! i feel that! but anyway, i am sure alot of fans know about ray lewis having a street named after him called ray lewis way. on the ravens official website is the video to the whole speech in which he did during the ceremony!!http://www.baltimoreravens.com/ just click the video and watch it! i have heard many amazing speeches from ray over the years, but this one is the most powerful ever!! i even have it on my cell phone is corny as that sounds! seriously though, i am proud to say that ray lewis is my favorate non titan in the league, i don't care how ragged on a get from it! i wish that there were more ray lewis's in this world! he is way to special for words!! just thought i would share this with you guys!

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thanks alot! i come on here from time to time just to read the threads, but since its getting closer to training camp, gotta start getting the fever in here!!! but i hope you got to see ray's full speech! to say he is amazing is an understatement!!!

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