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Z. Smith with 2 sacks vs Squeelers


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Carl Davis had a brilliant rookie debut, see thread below, and now another

rookie comes up big - Zadarius Smith.


Kevin Byrne described the Ravens war room on draft day and said Ozzie groaned

when Squeelers picked Dupree above him. Apparently, Oz had Dupree high on

his board too and would have grabbed him if he dropped.


He then took Z. Smith later. Smith is the guy who made Dupree go in college. The

guys on the boards were posting that. He was like their Suggs who enabled

Dooom to free up so often.


So Ozzie misses out on Dupree but got the man who made him good and was

rewarded with 2 sacks in PiTTsburgh no less.


Carl Davis had a great game in week 1 and now Z and with Journigan, the future

looks good.


One Denver fan said after their victory that Ravens had the most stout defense

we'll see all year.


So Ozzie isn't missing with these drafts except Elam but as I keep saying

all the top safeties taken in the draft have been bad except Eric Reid of SF.


It takes time for MOsley, who just missed rookie of the year and these guys

to develop and the future looks bright with the likes of Journigan who had a

great playoffs last year as a rookie and now Z, the man who made Dupree



BTW, Dupree who was drafted in the first round also has 2 sacks thus far.




Oh, and I forgot. Z was one of the guys Ozzie drafted with the picks he got

for Ngata, Maxx was the other one.





Za’Darius Smith had his first 2 NFL sacks on consecutive plays. He played a total of 19 snaps and the Steelers averaged just 1.9 yards per play when he was on the field. Smith lined up inside on the majority of his snaps, but he had 1 sack each from a standing and 3-point stance. Both sacks were slow developing:

–(Q3, 7:20) He lined up standing at LOLB and was initially blocked by Gilbert and then the pullingRamon Foster took over. Smith moved inside after several seconds and was too quick for Foster or Gilbert to react.

–(Q3, 6:37) He lined up at DT and was blocked effectively by Cody Wallace as the center gave some ground over the course of several seconds keeping squared up. Smith then shed Wallace and took down Vick, who was out of options in the pocket.

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He'll bulk up like so many others but with what, 100+ players in the league and he's

nominated for player of the week - well, that's a great pick at this point. He had 2

sacks vs Squeelers in Pissburgh and that's great.


Mosley won Player of the Month 2 times in rookie season and just missed DROY

and he's been a great player. He needs to bulk up too.


Carl Davis has also impacted this year as a rookie. See Davis thread. These are

all great picks thus far.

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