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A landmark moment has arrived...

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For the first time this season, the following phrase will be seen when the playoff scenarios are released:


"The Ravens clinch a playoff berth if:"


That's right, the Ravens have a chance, though unlikely, to lock up a playoff berth next Sunday. Here is what needs to happen:


- The Ravens must beat Pittsburgh to move to 10-4


- The following 3 teams must lose:


NY Jets (vs. Buffalo)

New England (@ Oakland)

Miami (vs. San Francisco)


If this happens, the best any of these teams can do is 10-6, and the worst the Ravens can do is also 10-6. If all 4 teams finish with this record (which can't actually happen, since Miami still plays NY, but that would just eliminate that team from the tiebreaker), then here's what would happen:


- The division tiebreaker will bump one team up.

- The second place team would be determined by the division tiebreaker first, if a tie for second still exists, as per NFL rules.

- The second place team would then be put into the tiebreaker against the Ravens, but:


- The Ravens hold the tiebreaker over Miami via the head-to-head matchup.

- The Ravens would hold the tiebreaker over the Jets: a win over Pittsburgh makes Baltimore 8-3 in conference, a loss to Buffalo makes NY 6-5 in conference, each with a game to go, so Baltimore would clinch that tiebreaker.

- The Ravens would hold the tiebreaker over New England, who is currently 5-5 in conference, and would move to 5-6 with a loss in to Oakland.


There are no other teams that can finish better than 9-7 that are not already in position for the playoffs. Therefore, this scenario would give the Ravens a playoff berth.


Like I said, this is unlikely (though San Fran did just beat NY, and New England nearly lost to Seattle), but its certainly within the realm of possibility. Just a little something to get y'all even more fired up for Sunday.




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