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Draft Picks Update


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Stallworth said this is the best group of rookies he's ever been around. What I hear on Kindle, Cody, Pita, Dixon and Reed is very encouraging. Arthur Jones and Harewood could develop into solid depth. Harewood has the tools to be a big surprise...now, can they teach him and develop him to play at this level?

The team is getting younger and deeper.


The offense should be lights out with a dominant O line, outstanding running game and the loaded receiving corps.

Speacial teams got a big lift with the Graham signing. They'll make the field goals, get deep kickoffs and the punt game is already excellent. They just need a returner to emerge to have a very solid unit.


The defense will be dominant. Nobody's running on them. Cody and Kindle are young atheletic additions who will make the front 7 very formidable. It's more important to have good QB pressure than corner cover. Pressure and hurry the QB and the desicion/read/reacting time seriously limits QB's and their completion percentage drops....and the turnovers come. Certainly you want great corner cover, but who the Ravens have will get the job done with the QB pressure the front 7 will generate this year. Webb and Washington are on the fast track back.



Anyway...the rookies are the story today and I like what I see.

The Ravens website has an update on them.





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I agree with all of that, excluding the "deep kickoffs" thing. Graham = Matt Stover. Our kickoffs will be just like those of old. Not complaining, just pointing it out. :D


Anyway, we're loaded, and I couldn't be more excited to start watching them.

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