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Ravens Insider: Ravens will switch to natural grass at M&T Bank Stadium in 2016


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I know the players want grass, but this is the dumbest thing I have heard from the team since they built that stupid stadium. They are going to "try and use grass, bring in fake sun light and see if it works".... If not, then go back to artificial grass?


We know they can't grow grass there because of the way the stadium is built. Resodding every few months only leads to more injuries, why? Because players slip on the new sod, it gives way because it doesn't have time to root in properly. The idiot who designed the stadium, and the stadium authority who approved the design are why they can't grow grass there, they were warned, told, erged to turn the stadium, but nooooooo............ A waste of money that I am sure will be passed on to the fans...

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