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Alrighty then


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That's about as disgusting as it gets. I mean, the political view and words are pretty bad to begin with... but the visual racist stereotypes are just sad.


Meanwhile... I like how they show those videos of "demonstrators throwing soldier overboard" and "hitting soldiers with pipes." Um, yes. The soldiers were jumping onto their boats in the middle of the night with weapons - they responded. I did not see any of the demonstrators jumping onto or outwardly going after soldiers on other vessels. I mean, in one of the last scenes they show from the boat you can see a soldier dropping from a copter by a rope onto the boats.


I am not pro-Palestine or Hamas or Gaza or whatever... but I'm just as tired of Israel's unbelievable and inhumane actions. You raided a boat in international waters that, so far, seems to have been largely unarmed. You killed nine people on that boat. And you want us to believe that it was justified because the soldiers were attacked... after boarding the boats.

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I also love, by the way, that the Israeli forces still claim that the flotilla was headed "for a fight" and that the fact that they were "armed with weapons" proves that.


And yet, even in the Israeli videos you can find on YouTube, the worst you will find is a kitchen knife... but more frequently plastic chairs, plates, glasses and bottles.


Certainly a boat aiming for a fight would arm its sailors with such items against an international armed force.

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