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Coaching moves- dopler radar for the defense?


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From our news feed forum- http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bal-ravens-coaching-observations-20160116-story.html




Friday’s hiring of secondary coach Leslie Frazier and defensive line coach Joe Cullen doesn’t constitute a huge staff shakeup for the Ravens. After all, they technically had two assistant openings to fill anyway with outside linebackers coach Ted Monachino leaving to become the defensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts, and defensive line coach Clarence Brooks needing to focus on his health and recovery. Still, there are several conclusions that you can draw from coach John Harbaugh’s decisions.

Harbaugh valued a little more coaching experience with the secondary

Chris Hewitt, the defensive backs coach last year, was in his first season in that position. He had been an assistant special teams and secondary coach the previous couple of seasons. Matt Weiss had been an assistant linebackers coach and a defensive quality control coach before working with the cornerbacks last year. Harbaugh was pleased with the progress the secondary made last season after a rough start, but Frazier gives the group a more experienced coach. A former NFL cornerback, Frazier has coached in the league for 17 seasons and has been a head coach and a defensive coordinator. He should have his players' attention immediately.



A real secondary coach, finally, one with a different, skilled set of eyes for players. Maybe even, perhaps, a sign that if the defense doesn't get better, maybe Frazier takes over Pees next year? One could hope....




2014 season as well.

Scott Cohen will also have an increased role

Cohen’s promotion from a coaching consultant to a full-time coaching assistant/opponent analyst hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention. However, the Ravens are extremely happy to retain him as Cohen, the New York Jets assistant general manager (2008-12) and a former executive for the Eagles and Jaguars, had attracted some interest for a Browns front-office opening. The role of opponent analyst is a new one for the Ravens, but the organization feels that it will benefit greatly from Cohen’s scouting and player personnel background, and his ability to spot tendencies in opponents.



Ok, I am a bit skeptical over this one. The Jags Sucked, the Iggles defense has been bad for a while and if the Browns wanted him, ouch....

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