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Use the franchise tag on KO?


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The last o-lineman they used it on was Wally and he went into a temper

tantrum and finally got shipped out of town to NO. He got what he wanted

but cheated himself out of a SB ring.


But the tag worked well with C-MAX. He didn't complain and actually got

a raise with each tag until he was finally signed.


Here Brian McFarland the CAP guy on RSR who goes on 105.7 fm

with CAP info says no to KO getting the CAP.


He says if they do surprise us with a tag then that means Monroe is

out the door and KO's the LT.




Why wouldn’t the Ravens franchise KO as a guard and play him at tackle vs signing a mid level tackle?

ANSWER: There’s no Franchise tag just for Guards as the entire offensive line (OT, G, C) is calculated together for Franchise Tag purposes. As such, with the highest paid OTs making more than the highest paid Guards (or Centers, for that matter), the Franchise Tag calculation is dominated by the contracts of OTs. As such, using the Franchise Tag on KO, and planning to play him as a Guard, does not make a lot of sense from a Cap perspective. Most teams aren’t going to want to pay a Guard like an OT. So, if the Ravens were to unexpectedly use the Franchise Tag on KO later this month, I would think that that would be a strong signal that they would be planning to play him at OT and not as a Guard and would likely portend the end of Eugene Monroe’s career in Baltimore.







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